Classic Investment Cars is a firm, where the wish is to spread the joy of the fantastic experience , of beeing the owner of a classic car from a bygone age. The feeling of beeing in something that brings joy, gives you a big smile, and an inner peace. We wish you to feel the driving pleasure, the contact with the car, the smell, and the feeling that you and the car belongs together.
This is not an interest only for the men, we know that a lot of women shares the same interest, so we at Classic Investment Cars helps everbody to find the right classic car.
The ambition of Classic Investment Cars is to give superior quality service to all customers. We work with heart and soul in the company so that you as the client gets the optimum experience.
The classic cars are from europe, but also classic american cars. We always have several magnificent cars in stock ready for delivery, but we also finds and gets the car home based on your needs and wish.
Classic Investment Cars only trades in top quality classic cars , because our customers are quality minded. We want to be known for trading in the best classic cars , at the best price, in relation to the high quality of the cars.
Subject to finding the right and optimal solution for just your interest/need are openness and honesty, from you as well as from us. We are an experienced team, and we intend to be known for keeping the motivation until the task is done.

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